We use massages and stretching to work on the muscular system on the basis of the muscular chains discovered by Françoise Mézières and the posture reordering work method.

  • IndividualsWe recommend 3 initial sessions of biomagnetism to eliminate the chief factor behind the shortening of muscles.

    During individual sessions, the posturologist massages and stretches in order to improve overall elasticity and symmetry. Because we deal with muscular chains, the process always includes the entire musculature, which means that, as part of the sessions, we have to teach each of our clients a personalised maintenance scheme so they can apply it on their own to aid our work and make them less dependent on us.


    Under the guidance of a posturologist, small groups of no more than 11 people learn to self-massage and stretch properly according to the concepts we work with at Kuraia. One of the objectives of these group sessions is to allow those who have been in individual sessions to complete the process when they no longer experience discomfort, saving themselves money and increasing their knowledge as much as possible. Because the approach is not personalised, the only people for whom these sessions are not suitable are those with severe aches and pains.

    We also teach different relaxation techniques to assist the increased body awareness process.


    Mainly designed for people who live abroad so they can get the most out of everything we do, saving on resources and money. Also aimed at those who seek maximum benefit and efficacy in as short a time as possible.




We work with the biomagnetic pair theory developed by Dr Goiz to regulate the pH in the body through the use of magnets

  • Combined with posturology
  • Intensive



Professional posturology training course

Aimed at professionals who wish to learn enough about muscular chains and postures as to apply the knowledge acquired in order to help other people, integrating the concepts involved in each massage and stretching session they offer. We also teach those attending how to impart this knowledge to groups simply and effectively.

One weekend per month over a year and a half, a period which can be extended with alternative subjects.

– length: one intensive weekend per month over a year and a half.

– contents: massage and stretching, bearing in mind the muscular chains, individually and as part of a group.

Relationship between personality and posture, accompanying techniques, basic concepts and advanced theories, different types of massage…

– Postural self-correction and advanced practices included.

Curso de Naturopatía holística

With Pedro Laborda Resa.
We currently have a permanent holistic naturopathy course, which includes traditional Chinese medicine, Dien Chan, acupuncture, morphodiagnosis, domestic health care…

Future proyects

  • Seminars on Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong
  • Talks

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“• Heal and keep quiet”


dr. Goiz

“The sigh is the breath of change”


“If I recognise myself in your eyes, what are we?”


“Posture is defined by the state of the muscles. Do not try to alter your posture without addressing the reason behind it”


“Kung Fu Tai Chi is one of the greatest physical expressions of the soul, where you teach your body that it is you and not your ego that is in charge”



“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it”

Nelson Mandela

“Stretching is the art of allowing”



“It’s not what goes into the mouth that contaminates a person. It’s what comes out of the mouth that contaminates the person”



“In Kung Fu the only fight is with yourself”

Monje Shaolin

“I like people capable of understanding that humanity’s biggest mistake is to try to get out of their head something that won’t go out of their heart

Mario Benedetti